Antero Kukko


Development of laser scanning systems

The presentation summarizes research and development in applying dual-wavelength laser scanning in various mapping tasks. First we present the systems developed for the context of mobile laser scanning, using state of the art sensors. We discuss applications of the technology for precision forestry, road modeling, and urban mapping and engineering projects. These use cases are presented in terms of feasibility, time spent on data capture and processing, and data accuracy and data samples.

In addition, the latest development on single photon lidar is presented for the purpose of implementing multi-spectral systems. Processing flow, results and data from test flights are presented.

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Antero Kukko was born 1976 in Finland. He got his Doctor degree in Photogrammetry in 2013 from Aalto University, Espoo, Finland. He is currently Research Manager at Finnish Geospatial Research Institute FGI leading Mobimap group and holds Adjunct Professor position at Aalto University, Department of Built Environment. He is also Co-PI of the Centre of Excellence in Laser Scanning Research granted by Academy on Finland with a consortium of FGI, Oulu University, Aalto University and University of Helsinki since 2017.
Kukko has an H-index of 32 in Google Scholar (3200+ citations) with 100+ publications. He is one of the leading scientists in mobile laser scanning globally. He is awarded with the 1st prize of "Remote Sensing Best Paper Award 2013" by the Prize Awarding Committee and the Editorial Board of MDPI Remote Sensing, and PhD Dissertation prize by Oskari Vilamo Fund, Finland, 2014. He has pioneered the field of mobile laser scanning since 2004 with development of Roamer MLS system, inventor of backpack Akhka mobile laser system 2010, technology adopted by the major surveying industries, such as Leica Geosystems. His works have resulted in adaptation of MLS technologies for corridor surveys, such as rivers and power lines, automated road environment characterization and engineering applications e.g. for documenting remote heat pipelines and industrial installations. He is innovator and developer of dual-wavelength laser mapping systems for airborne and mobile platforms, laser intensity calibration methods and use of multi-spectral intensity data for object classification. Currently he is working on development of multi-spectral single photon lidars.