Christoph Müller


Real-Time Visualization of 3D Point Clouds

Measuring instruments such as laser scanners generate massively huge point clouds. The resulting data is then typically post-processed with time consuming methods to generate application-specific results. Very often, this involves generating three-dimensional geometry (polygonal meshes) from the point cloud, which then can be visualized allowing a high visual quality. In many applications it is desirable to visualize the resulting point cloud in real-time – sometimes even at the same time the data acquisition is occurring. This presentation gives an overview about real-time point-cloud visualization approaches applicable without delay during data acquisition. The presented methods are compared to the visual quality of visualization methods requiring time-consuming processing steps.

Curriculum Vitae

Christoph Müller is a computer scientist and mathematician. He has been working as a Professor for Computer Graphics and Game Engineering in the Faculty of Digital Media at Furtwangen University since 2010. His teaching and research areas include computer graphics, 3D modeling/technical 3D design and real-time 3D software development.