Christoph Müller


New Methods of Visualizing 3D-Data Sets - From Reality to Virtuality

Data sets resulting from measurement methods such as laser scanning, time-of-flight cameras, etc., result in huge point clouds. In contrast new types of AR and VR head mounted displays, typically controlled by mobile devices, promise new ways of user interaction. In this contribution we try to give an overview of the mere technical aspects of displaying point clouds in real-time on mobile devices driving head-mounted AR displays. We will look at new and already-existing approaches to reduce complexity in the data to overcome the limitations set by mobile processing hardware. In addition, we will look at how the expectations arising from the visions created by devices such as the Hololens can be turned into realistic applications interactively and immersively displaying measurement results.

Curriculum Vitae

Christoph Müller is a computer scientist and mathematician. He has been working as a Professor for Computer Graphics and Game Engineering in the Faculty of Digital Media at Furtwangen University since 2010. His teaching and research areas include computer graphics, 3D modeling/technical 3D design and real-time 3D software development.