Erica Nocerino


Hand-held Mobile Laser Scanning - Investigation and Evaluation in Complex Environments

Complex indoor environments, such as narrow underground passages, still represent a challenge for the majority of the available indoor mapping techniques. The talk aims to address this topic and present the R&D work realized in the FBK-3DOM laboratory with the Geoslam Zeb1 hand-held laser scanning system. The sensor characterization is preliminary discussed in order to investigate the accuracy potential of the system. Several experiments focused on the surveying of heritage tunnels, WWI underground tunnels and fortifications are then shown. Finally a method based on GoPro cameras coupled with the Zeb1 system to associate color information to the acquired point clouds is also presented.

Curriculum Vitae

Erica Nocerino received a Ph.D. in “Aerospatial Engineering, Naval Architecture, and Quality Control” from the Federico II University of Naples and in March 2015 received a further PhD degree in “Geomatics, Navigation, and Geodesy” from the Parthenope University of Naples. Since 2012, Erica has been working as a research scientist in the 3D Optical Metrology unit of the Bruno Kessler Foundation (FBK). Erica’s research interests include photogrammetry (aerial, terrestrial and underwater), laser scanning, sensor integration, reverse engineering, automation and image analysis. She is closely involved with teaching and tutoring activities at national and international workshops and summer schools.