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  • Mobile Laser Scanning Workshop at Fraunhofer IPM / 2016

    Virtual Worlds: Research Trends in Mobile 3D Data Collection

    Press Release / November 30, 2016

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    Mobile laser scanning has substantially increased the quality of 3D measurements in recent years and made possible new applications. Over one hundred mobile laser scanning experts gathered at Fraunhofer IPM’s international MoLaS Mobile Laser Scanning Technology Workshop to discuss the state of the art, applications and new products.

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  • International Experts for mobile mapping met in Freiburg

    Press Release / December 03, 2014

    Mobile laser scanners are increasingly used for the 3D mapping of objects. A workshop organized by Fraunhofer IPM for the first time gave an overview about the latest state of the technology in the field of mobile laser scanning. More than one hundred experts from 14 countries met from November 26 – 27 to discuss technological trends and present research results as well as novel products.

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